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What we do best.

We make space to listen, together.

We help women make space to listen for God's voice, together. 

We focus on women, not because this is an exclusively female mandate, but because we feel called specifically to women. So we've decided to start right there, in our place of calling. Unveiled programs are designed to help you lean in and listen for God's voice (and for your next steps!) together, in community with like-minded women. We believe that this is not a journey that you are meant to take alone. So, we offer programs to help women listen together.

Our primary program offering is a 6-week Cohort community. We also offer specialized one day events, devotional resources, and coaching services.

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How we do it.

Everything we do starts in the place of prayer.

We focus individually and corporately on making space to deepen intimacy with Jesus. All of our programs anchor in practices of silence, reflection, listening prayer and worship. We are intentionally finding our voice in pursuit of His. 

We GATHER likeminded women to worship, pray and learn together.  We believe we only discover our voices when seeking His.

We TEACH practical skills for hearing God's voice, using our own voices, and growing in intimacy with Jesus through spiritual disciplines. 

We TELL our stories.  We inspire courage through sharing the triumphs of ordinary, overcoming women who have stepped out and are living unveiled lives for the glory of God!

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Our vision.

We want to see a movement of courageous women stepping into their callings as voices.

And for us, that means first and foremost, posturing ourselves to listen for the Father's voice. 

Unveiled was originally envisioned and designed for women who feel called to lead with their voices through speaking and writing. While that remains our vision, our community is filled with women who both have a sense of calling to speak and write, and those who simply want to grow in hearing God's voice in the context of community.  

We believe that God uniquely designed each of us to be carriers and bearers of stories that only we can tell. Your story matters, and the world around you will be transformed by it.

Our core pillars. 

Intimacy. Worship. Prayer. Identity. Community.

Our truest voice is born out of intimacy with Jesus. Everything must flow from intimacy. 

Our voice is cultivated in the presence of God through worship and intercession.

Our voice is refined and instructed by Bible study, application and practice, in the context of community.

Our voice is anchored in living and speaking out of our identity in Christ.