The Unveiled vision is to see a movement of thousands of courageous women stepping into their calling to be a voice to this generation.  Unveiled is designed for women who feel called to lead with their voices and are committed to taking steps forward.   



Unveiled creates experiences and practical resources to equip women speakers and leaders in developing true intimacy with Jesus – finding their voice in pursuit of His – so that they can boldly and courageously live out their callings as spokespersons with a unique message to carry. 

We exist to encourage women called to be a voice that they can and must do just that.  Out of the wellspring of intimacy with Jesus, we have one aim:  to inspire courageous action in women to step out and be the voice they were created to be. 


GATHER.  We gather likeminded women to worship, pray and learn together.  We believe we only discover our voices when seeking His.

TEACH.  We teach practical skills in public speaking, studying and applying God’s word, and growing in intimacy with Jesus through worship and intercession. 

TELL.  We boldly and confidently tell our stories.  We inspire courage through sharing the triumphs of ordinary, overcoming women who have stepped out and are living unveiled lives for the glory of God!



Growing in Intimacy. Our truest Voice is born out of intimacy with Jesus. Everything must flow from intimacy. 

Worship & Intercession.  Our Voice is cultivated in the presence of God through worship and intercession.

Bible Study & Training.  Our Voice is refined and instructed by Biblical study, application and practical training.

Identity.  Our Voice is given to knowing, living, and speaking out of our identity in Christ.