A Live Unveiled Cohort is a learning community of women leaders at varying levels of speakers and writers. The six-week program focuses on growing in the practice of discerning God's voice and discovering your unique message. The small group size (6-10) is intentional to build trust and accountability. This is a gathering of messengers committed to finding our voice in pursuit of His voice. 

Have you felt God's call on your life to uniquely use your voice as a spokesperson or messenger? The next step happens right where you first sensed that call -- in the place of listening for God's voice. He called YOU to speak because he has something for YOU specifically to say. He has a message that he wants you to carry. He has imprinted on your heart a message that you are specifically designed to deliver. He created you "for such a time as this."

The purpose of the Live Unveiled Cohort is to help you lean in and LISTEN for God's voice together, in community with other like-minded women. In community, we listen for and DISCOVER what we were uniquely designed as speakers and writers to say. We ask God for the unique message he intends for us to carry. We ask him to show us his heart, to show us his plan for this calling on our lives. After all, it was his idea. We cannot drift far from that original encounter -- those first moments or experiences that confirmed in our hearts that God had called us out as speaker and writers. We must be relentless in staying close to Jesus and listening for what he's asking us to say, and how he's preparing us to deliver that message.

In community, we PRACTICE LISTENING for God's voice with intentionality for our next steps. We anchor in worship and prayer -- learning to abide with Christ and learning how to practically say yes to Jesus' invitation to deeper intimacy with him. When God calls us, he has a plan in mind. The steps he invites us take are not often the next steps we'd have in mind. 

In community, we are going to PRACTICE SPEAKING and developing our skills as speakers. We'll practice writing and telling stories together, receiving practical feedback and encouraging each other.


As you consider joining a Live Unveiled Cohort, do any of the below sentiments resonate with you? If so, we'd encourage you to take that next step and join us! As you step out, you can be confident that God will be faithful to meet you (and we'll be cheering you on!).      

I feel called as a speaker. Women leaders who have a specific sense of calling and passion for using their voice, primarily through speaking or writing.

 I feel paralyzed by fear to use my voice. Women leaders who have a desire to courageously live out that calling as a voice, with a specific aim toward developing a platform to share their message to targeted audiences.

I need help figuring out what to do next as a speaker or writer. Women leaders who desire to grow in hearing God’s voice for the purpose of growing in intimacy with Him, and communicating His heart.

 I speak regularly but don’t know how to intentionally invite God into the preparation process. I want to hear his message for the group I’m speaking to, and not just rely on my own intellect and experience.

 I’m looking for a community of like-minded women leaders to encourage, network with and to hold me accountable.   


At the end of the Living Unveiled Cohort program you can expect to:

Discern God’s voice:  Practice hearing God’s voice and discerning your next steps as a leader and speaker to live out your calling.

Discover your unique message:  Be equipped to discover your story and craft the unique message you’re called to carry.

Deepen intimacy with God:  Grow in intimacy with God; practice living a lifestyle of worship and intercession (walking and talking with God!).

Develop speaker skills:  Hone practical skills as a speaker and receive meaningful feedback from your Cohort community of practice.

Do it in community: Experience empowerment and accountability in a group of women leaders spurring one another on to meet our goals.


If you’ve been sensing God’s invitation to embrace your personal story and deepen intimacy with Him, I would encourage you to consider joining Unveiled!
— Jessica S., Cohort Alumni
I’ve personally and professionally known Connie for the past 8 years and can testify to how brilliant she is. She is not only one of the best speakers and event planners I’ve seen in person, she also exemplifies a life that is in constant pursuit of the Lord. Her relationship with God is evident in the beautiful fruit of the spirit that is clearly exhibited in her life. She is someone I trust will lead and speak in a way that models Jesus’ life and teachings. Spend any time with this woman and be amazed, inspired, and encouraged.
— Alex S., Biblical Counselor